Monday, October 22, 2007

Beads In The Belfry Exclusive!

OK. I came up with an original and really fun design over the past few weeks. I am calling it the "For the Bir
ds Series."

Here is the first in the series. It's the Caged Bird Pendant.
This birdy has flown the coop. It has been sold!

Stone birdie made of Imperial Jasper sits atop his perch with two little Mouakite flowers.

Our bird is caged in a heavy gauge hand forged sterling silver frame and has a hand formed and forged coil (spiral) wing.

Don't be fooled by its delicate appearance. This pendant has been hammered for additional durability. The bird itself has been wire wrapped to the frame. Yet and still, I wouldn't give it to my dog as a chew toy.

Imperial Jasper showcases many colors and no two stones are exactly alike. This means each and every piece will be one of a kind! Convo me if you want a custom order

Measures 1 in tall x 3/4 in wide.

Please note this listing is for a pendant only.

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