Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Savings!

Well I managed to get through Thanksgiving without rolling out the door. I made my first ever pretty newsletter and you can see it below if you click the link. It has my Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale inside! Woot!

Click the link. I think it looks pretty. But more importantly, you can save money! We can't have form with no substance 'round these parts....

Go look at it and tell me what you think design wise! If any of you are out there braving the stores, more power to you! I'm going to bed!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am thankful to have wonderful parents, fabulous sisters, a great husband, a fun child, and wonderful friends scattered across the globe. I'm thankful I have my right mind! I'm thankful that I am here to give thanks and I am thankful that you are too. I'm sure I could go on forever but I'll stop there.

And last but not least, Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, November 23, 2009

If you've never voted before

Do it now! If not now, when??? ;P

yes I thought you wouldn't see me again until at least Friday but then guess what?!?!? I found out my ornament was chosen to be in the running for favorite ornament on Etsy. How fun is that?!!?!? So please vote for me if you think mine is your favorite! Clicking on the picture will take you to the voter!

Yes I'm alive!

I know you were wondering since I've been gone so long. :P

Young Master Beads and I have actually had a cold so that's been fun. NOT. I do give credit to Young Master though. He takes it all in stride. I'd venture to say I was the bigger baby between the two of us. My lucky husband. :D I'm feeling 90% now so that's super wonderful! God bless all of you who hang with me and my blog during thick and thin times.

So the last week or so has been a balancing act between working and getting better. Enough about me. Let's see what I've been making!

I had this lovely commission the other day and it was so fun to make. It came about as a play off of On the Wings of Love. My customer gave me her blessing to create more of these if I'd like so now it's available to the public! Click the photo to see it in the shop.

Here is a picture of another custom commission I did last week. This was for a double initial necklace. Oooh! Aaaah!

These were both super fun to do! I'm thinking about working on some more pieces this week with more of an emphasis on color. I love my silver metal but sometimes I need a splash or two of color in my life!

Until we meet again! I'm going to guess that is after Turkey Day so, have a Happy Thanksgiving (or a Happy Thursday!) wherever you may be.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Practice makes perfect.

Sure this could be cuter. But I have to get through the practice to get to perfection! The plan is to continue to rework it until I get the bezel right. I usually show you finished work but I thought for a change of pace you'd enjoy seeing an almost there piece.

I don't like the lumpiness of it. I have been asking my metalsmithing peers for advice on how to fix it. I'll be working on it some more later but I have to work on orders right now.

My first handmade pin catch! Super excited. And I made it convertible so it can be worn as a necklace too.

"Bon Bini" means welcome in Papiamento, a language spoken on the island of Aruba. It means "welcome." When I saw this stone it reminded me of the island with its blue skies and desert. I added a Divi Divi tree to complete the landscape. :D It's where I went on my honeymoon. :D

Wish me luck on the re-work! Oh! And I'm keeping this one for me. :D

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Didn't I think of that?

A lovely customer contacted me with this idea. You people are too too smart. Now up in the shop!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


hee hee. Just kidding. New things in the shop. Click on the pic to get taken there!