Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Savings!

Well I managed to get through Thanksgiving without rolling out the door. I made my first ever pretty newsletter and you can see it below if you click the link. It has my Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale inside! Woot!

Click the link. I think it looks pretty. But more importantly, you can save money! We can't have form with no substance 'round these parts....

Go look at it and tell me what you think design wise! If any of you are out there braving the stores, more power to you! I'm going to bed!


CarolynArtist said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a morning late my dear Nina!) Hubby and daughter witenessed a line forming at Best Buy here in NoVA yesterday at noon, last night it was wrapped around the building ,crazy eh?
Good luck with your sale. I'm doing one too!!!

Jennifer said...

I think the newsletter looks great! I really like the things you're doing with your business :)