Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm in NY but my shop doesn't stop!

So I am in New York and following that whole I leave I sell phenomenon, the shop is open. And I am having a Labor Day Sale no less! Running from August 30th to Sept 1st, when you spend $25 or more in the shop, you get a FREE pair of crater studs! Woot!
Visit the shop here

Monday, August 25, 2008

I should go away more often!

That's one pooped kid up there. So is his mama!

Hi peeps! Last week I was in Philadelphia crashing hubby's work trip. I haven't been since I was in like fourth grade for a school field trip. My most vivid memory from that trip is of Betsy Ross' house being so small that my teacher couldn't actually fit in it. We were all like, "Why isn't Mrs. Sebastian coming in?" Of course evil children that we were, we knew why so we kept asking our chaperones and snickering afterward.

But I digress, while I was in Philly I pretty much ignored my Etsy shop and had fun with my son. I did check in once in a while to see if I'd had any sales and such. Well do you know what? I need to go away more often! This week I was apparently on the front page twice, reached 2500 hearts and broke 200 sales! And I sold approximately one thing a day while I was gone! Well if that's how it has to be, I'll go away all the time! ;D

Highlights of my Philly trip:

*Please Touch Museum - great spot for kiddies! It's moving soon to a new location.

*Philadelphia Museum of Art - Alexander Calder Jewelry exhibit was freakin' awesome.
Shout out to my gals at Accent Beads for reminding me!
*Soho Pizzeria and Bar in Old City - Fan-freakin'-tastic pizza. I wish I could get such a good slice in DC.

*VIX Emporium - handmade shop of course full of fellow Etsian work! The owner, Emily was also very nice.

*walking - Philadelphia is a very walkable spot. I enjoyed it a lot.

I did see the Betsy Ross house again but I didn't go in. Too tough to do with the stroller. That and I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for my evil childhood memory. If I had liked Mrs. Sebastian, I'd have gone in again to create a new memory.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Giveaway Time

For those of you who missed my last giveaway and are still smarting from that (T!) the time has come once again! Go check it out by going here

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Partner.

So everyone seems to be calling their significant other their “partner” these days. I have to say I have found this irritating. Aren’t there particular words for that like husband, wife, beau, girlfriend and boyfriend (though I find the last two to be irritating as well unless you are 17 and under).

But then I started to consider it more thoughtfully. Partnership is really a great way to describe what a relationship should entail. The words “husband” nor “wife” are as explanatory. After all some people might consider their husband to be their sugar daddy or their wife to be their mom. There is no such fuzziness with the word partner.

Partner implies you are working together and working towards something together. Marital partners are building a life together, working on very day common goals like saving for vacation or having the kids in bed no later than 8:30 PM.

Partners in my estimation help each other out and lighten each other’s loads. The dictionary actually uses the word “sharer.” Partners share in each other’s sad times and in their good ones.

From now on I’m calling my husband my partner. I think it is the best word. Heck, I might even have to have a wedding ring with the word “partner” on it. It will help me remember when I’m feeling particularly selfish. ;D