Friday, September 26, 2008

WMD Cessna Palin and Ugly Betty

What would your name be if Sarah Palin was your momma?

Mine is WMD Cessna Palin. lol.

On another note, As I predicted Betty Suarez was not heading to Rome or to Tucson but instead would be taking the trip her Mama Suarez never did. *Pats self on the back*

The episode was OK I guess. Nothing to write home about but still entertaining. Let's hope it gets better as the season goes on!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do you know what today is?

It's my Etsyversary. :D

I can't believe I've been at this a year. It has been a fun ride.
I've learned a lot about myself and have been honored to share my work with you all.

200+ sales and 2,000+ hearts. Next year I'll work on more sales, less hearts. ;D
At it's best, Etsy is a vibrant community of artists with passion. And for that I am thankful.
Before I get all teary eyed or something, let's get to the good stuff.

To celebrate, I am having a 25% off sale kidlets.
Hop to!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Very Excited today for several reasons.

Here is why:

1. I thought I lost an earring while I was out yesterday and then this morning I saw it sitting on the couch. Woot!

2. The debates start on Friday. I am not much of a political junkie but I do like to see how the candidates play off one another.

3. Tomorrow is the premiere of UB! For those who don’t know, that would be Ugly Betty. If you think less of me for loving that show, I don’t care. It is flipping fantastic in all its campiness. Will she end up with Henry? Will it be Gio? I don't think it will be either. I have my own theory as to where she goes. Not revealing until after the show airs.

4. I have finished my new item for the week and it’s only Wednesday!!! It is also my first pair of post earrings!
In honor of my never-ending love of Betty La Fea, I am naming this pair Ugly Betty! Check them out here

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm in LOVE

As I've gotten older I've found that I have gotten pretty good at prioritizing my purchases. I can now pass over an impulse buy of a cute pair of shoes because I know I'll personally get more satisfaction from other purchases. I love coats, art, jewelry and crafts materials. Not necessarily in that order but I'm glad I know myself.

I abhor buying socks. They are like my *least* favorite thing to purchase. So feel free to send me some because you know I wait forever and a day to get those bad boys. But I digress. Anyway, art is on my love list. Makes sense as I was an art major and all. ;P

I love art by my fellow Etsian Tabitha ( She has a new series of works called "The Heart Murmurs Series."

I *had had had* to own at least a couple of these. Really I'd like the whole series but I'll control myself and give you all a chance to get in on the action. This is my second purchase from her because I am just so in love with her work!

Her work has a graphic quality I love with a hint of old school soul. Check her out! Oh and here are the pieces I bought!

Better pictures here:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Your Personal Garden Cocktail Ring

Well now I've gone and done it. I've *secretly* been working towards at least one new item per week. But then I go and blab it on the blog and you people might actually try and hold me to it. pfft. That's good old accountability at work.

So here we have this week's piece! Available in three finishes: black, bright or a mix of both!
I love it and I hope you will too! This is kind of similar to my In Bloom ring I made a while back. This one is not wire wrapped though. It is soldered (I've added to my technique bag of tricks). Pick up your own personal Garden Cocktail ring here!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The working wounded

Let's not even address the neglect this poor blog has undergone. Because you know what? I've been working my fingers to the bone for you. Literally. Look at my fingers up there. I'm wounded. I sliced my thumb on a tumbler (who does that???!? Trust me it takes special skills to accomplish that since the machine is mostly NOT sharp) and bruised my finger with a rawhide mallet. That's how much I love you guys. So check the shop for new goodies. I am trying to have at least one new piece up a week. I have tons of ideas. Some work. Some don't. Hopefully one (or more) gets in the shop every week. It may not get there until Friday or Saturday but it'll get there. lol.

Party of Five sterling silver stacking rings

Yeah. I LOVE these. This is my personal set. I love how the beaded rings mix with the flattened silver.

14K Gold Small Horn Earrings

The people have been asking for gold and who am I to deny them? Also available in more budget friendly gold filled upon request.

Sterling Silver Kalimba Cuff

The cuff is near and dear to me because it was originally made as a surprise gift for a friend. It was a bit of a commission from her beau. I was wracking my brain as to what to make her that she would LOVE. Fortunately this ended up fitting the bill!

I'm out.

hugs and kisses and rainbows and strawberry starbursts and furry kittens,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dude. I'm in ten treasuries

right now and I'm an alternate in an eleventh.

How the heck did that happen? Must be a fool moon somewhere.
Oops. I mean full.

And with that, Goodnight.