Friday, October 12, 2007

What's on Your Mind Heart Pendant

So there was a creative challenge on
the Etsy forum to create a piece that you felt defined your shop. And I LOVE an artistic challenge. So I thought on it and at first I was going to be very literal. I was going to make a head with beads in it. I did (eyes, nose, ears etc.) and it looked too cartoony. So then I decided to approach it more abstractly.

The shape is reminiscent of a head but also resembles a heart. The beads are worked into the middle which could signify the brain or the heart's core. I think it fits the bill because it is organic, simple, colorful, classy and of course...shiny! lol. I like to think that is what BeadsInTheBelfry is all about.

The original version of this has been sold. Take heart! heh heh. If you'd like your own, I can recreate it. I've already had to do it once. :)

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