Friday, February 1, 2008

Swirls A Go Go Ring

I was challenged to create a custom ring by one of my wonderful customers. She has been so patient with me. After a three week creative struggle, it finally came together. This is the prototype. She will be receiving a sterling silver version. You'll probably notice it's too big for my finger. I made it in her size to start. :D

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring. I will definitely be adding this design to the shop in the near future and I'll definitely be adding several to
*cough* my own collection. I'm thinking one for me in sterling silver AND copper (and maybe bright silver, antiqued silver, antiqued copper, copper with verdigris...hey - I want it all)


fields of honey said...

wow! This is a lovely ring - which finger is it intended for?

capitolagirl said...

That's a great ring! I really like it.

Yazmin said...

Beautiful ring!