Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twitter is my new man.

What is Twitter you ask? It's like really really really short blogging. May be right up my alley! I'll probably update it way more than my poor poor blog. Sorry blog.

Blog- you are like that old boyfriend that is as comfy as a pair of socks. But you are not very exciting. You are vanilla ice cream.

Then in walks Twitter. Oh Twitter. Twitter is like adding french fries or potato chips to your ice cream and discovering how wonderful it is though you were worried at first. Twitter is quick and dirty. And my fingers quake from the excitement!!!

So in short, here is how you can follow me on Twitter. Go here:
BeadsintheBelfry was too long of a title sadly.

I'll still be indulging in narcissistic postings no doubt. But they'll be short! ;D

But don't worry Blog. I still like vanilla ice cream. And sometimes I want that pair of comfy socks. This is not goodbye. It is see you around!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm just the opposite! Twitter is like the NYC streets-busy. I need my burst every now and then but I'm digging the pace of the blog...I mean the burbs. Have fun!

miznyc said...

That is because you are a wordsworth T. I'm sure it comes so naturally to you. I have to actually work on blog postings. lol.