Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three Sisters, One Boot

OK. Please forgive me for leaving you so long without a post! I don't even have a good excuse like the dog ate my homework (or in this case my mouse). I just haven't gotten around to posting. But most of my old followers (*waves*) know the deal and thankfully expect little of me. New followers (*waves!*) - welcome to the routine! I go around ignoring my blog for weeks at a time and then apologizing profusely when I do remember to write. And then we start the cycle all over. You get the idea.

So over Christmas my little sister had on these fantastic dark red boots. Fast forward to this weekend. My older sister showed me these same boots but in cognac. She got them on sale. So of course she took me to the website so I could reignite my interest in them. I. mean. They are sooo cute! They are a mid calf length and don't have a hell (oops slip there) heel that would kill me. I don't do stilettos or the like but I am ALL OVER kitten heels. I feel like I should feel bad talking about this what with the state of the U.S. economy but I don't. Fashion uplifts the masses right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;P

Anyway, so I really wanted the red or the cognac but they didn't have my size. I was somehow convinced to get the camel color. And really, they'll go wonderfully with this coat right here so I'm not mad. This shot is from a couple of years ago before I started growing my hair again.

Now I can be a diva. *Note the diva like glasses above* Really. I was starting to develop a complex about not having shoes fierce enough for this coat. At least I think the coat is fierce. This picture doesn't do it justice. So I ordered the boots today. Woot!

So I present to you the MUOI by Aldo.

And right now they have free shipping AND if you go to you can find a 10% off coupon and there is free shipping on orders over $80 until the end of the month! Score! No need to thank me. Well actually of course you should thank me. I just gave you a cool shoe and valuable information on said shoe! Please note that different colors are different prices. And if the MUOI is not your style, take a look around for other goodies! I'm trying to get you to stimulate the economy here!

Now I feel better about all this. :D


Connie said...

I love aldo boots but I think I`m inbetween sizes because my size 7`s don`t fit me anymore and size 8 is way too big! :(

T.Allen-Mercado said...

These are cute. I don't get much boot time in AZ, but they're awful stylish. I think they'll work with the coat...I'm saddened about lack of coat and stylin' scarf time as well. Ugh. Work it for me will ya!

Tamra said...

Totally digging these! BTW, I love that short do! It's pics like that that make me *consider* wanting to cut the locks every once in a blue moon.

LOVE the boots...

Tamara said...

Those boots are nice. I am one of those persons who has to wear flats or low heel shoes. These are sassy and the look oh so comfortable.

miznyc said...

Connie - I actually had to order one size up from my regular size. *hopes for the best*

I can't wait until they get here!!! I'll work it for all of you! ;D