Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi peeps!

I'm sorry I've been gone so long. I was working on some personal things like trying to potty train my child for one. I tried that "whole train him in less than a day" bit. I got it done in a week. lol. And guess what? I thought I was the business. You couldn't tell me NOTHING!!!! (For the grammar police I know it should be ANYTHING. Just roll with my enthusiam 'K? thanx)Well I guess my child just wanted to show me that he *could* do it because now he is totally uninterested. I'm OK with that (mostly). Just as long as he gets this ish (literally. heh) done by September for pre-school, we are A-OK.

I trust everyone is doing well and we've all fawned over the Obama's new dog already and cried that Ugly Betty is MIA. ;P

While I was gone I also took a class where I learned how to bezel set stones. Awesomeness!!! Have I done it again since class? No, but I plan to try this weekend! I haven't even taken pics of the item I did in class but here is a shot of one I tried myself before class:

I like it but I'm soooo glad I took the class! In other news I have a private commission to work in gold. I'm a little scared only because I've never soldered gold before and you know that gold is mad expensive!!!! I have the materials and am scared to take them out of the box. hee hee!

So I'm having a little grand re-opening sale through the end of April. If you want in, join my mailing list by emailing beadsinthebelfry [at]

Here are some of the new pieces I've been working on that I added to the shop!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Finger Ring

Mottled Hoops


becca.elpy said...

yay! i was really missing you. good luck on your commission. *crosses fingers*

miznyc said...

awww! Thanks Becca! It's good to be back!