Monday, April 27, 2009


Good day! So I'm going to give structuring my blog a bit of a whirl. To start off we have Mmmm...Monday. Basically this means I'm passing on tasty recommended morsels of information. This might come in various forms, maybe recipes, tutorials, clothing leads, etc. Today it is a mom approved Mmmm....
On the quest to find a preschool for young Master beads, one of the preschool teachers told me about this book and explained that this is how they do discipline at the school. Another parent in the room raved and raved about it. Well you know I had to check it out right?

Basically it is a book on how to discipline your children effectively. I was delighted to find out we sort of were already doing it without knowing it. But the book was good to read and apparently they have a DVD too.

You calmly give your children three chances to comply and then if they don't, they experience the consequences (whatever that might be. Often for young Master it is timeout.) The magic is not engaging them but calmly following through with the consequences.

Today we went to a friend's house (who has also read 123 Magic unbeknownst to me) and young Master Beads and young friend had wandered away from the group and were sitting in an unsupervised area. So I told them to come back with the rest of the group which they politely declined. Well I started counting cool as a cucumber!

"One" - wait a few seconds so they can decide what they are going to do. They didn't want to listen so...

"Two" - wait a few seconds before you bring the hammer DOWN! I kid. You will follow through with the consequences though if you have to say "Three."

And before I got to "Three" do you know my friend's son started moving fast to get back with the rest of the group?!??! It was a hysterical surprise since I really had no clue he was learning this too! This also prompted my son to move before having to go to timeout. It was awesome.

That is my first Mmmm...Monday. Hope you enjoyed and find out more about this system here



CarolynArtist said...

Hilarious about them 'politely declining' tee hee...oooh toddlers, I absolutely loved mothering my daughter when she was that age!!!

miznyc said...

Carolyn - my son literally said "No Thank you!". I just about cracked up laughing.