Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cam Love

Original Camera Broken. Cost: broken heart
Camera on Craig's List. Cost: $30.00
Having the ability to point and shoot at will. Cost: Priceless!!!

I'm still working on getting a Digital SLR but I figured I needed something to hold me over until I could control my bead buying binge long enough to save up some bucks...

Sure you can meet some crazies on Craig's List or as my sister refers to it "That Craig's List" but you can also get an awesome camera for $30!!!

I am sooo happy!!!! Next post will show a couple of pretties in celebration! Nothing big, more like a "duh Nina-Why didn't you make those before" - kinda moment.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Congrats! I need to hit up "That Craig's List" my PC is DEAD...*wimpering* Welcome back.

Janice said...

You are absolutely positively way too cute. :) Glad you got a camera!! Sometimes a point and click is JUST what is needed!


miznyc said...

Oh no T!!! *sending good happy hopeful vibes your way*

Thanks Janice!

Cover That Mother said...


Good Job!