Thursday, May 28, 2009

X marks the spot on the treasure map that is our heart.

^^^^You like that title up there right? I got all poetic on you and ish!

Thought I'd sneak this in here. I've been playing with this idea for awhile. I was thinking of what sort of graduation gift I'd want my child to have (ok. girl child if I had one. Can't really envision my son rocking this) on the eve of new beginnings in college or out there in the world. I was also thinking what gentle reminders do I need to focus on what's important in life.

So I made this based on Matthew 6:21 - "For where your treasure is, your heart will be also."

It's part pirate treasure map/part wisdom. All quirky. All me! Arrgghhh me spiritual matey!!!

And just to get all in your business, what do YOU treasure? Are you putting your efforts in that direction? What are you putting your efforts into? That will tell you what you love.

I'm part pirate/part Dr. Phil today.


Sherae said...

I love it and the scripture to go with it and I love the happy music! It is all so wonderful. I need some (or maybe all) of that goodness flowing my way.

Jennifer said...

I treasure my family first and always, then my art (I think I treasure the Cavs right now too, because the thought of them losing this series is making me so sad!) Anyhow, I love this post. I love thinking about this. All my efforts go to my fam and my art so I guess that's consistent :)

Beautiful piece!