Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stamped. Sick. Selebration.

Yes I spelled celebration wrong but I wanted it all to match. lol. More on that later.

So remember how a week or so ago I told you I was working on personalized stamping pieces? Well here is my first piece! I couldn't wait to add to the shop this week so I added it on Saturday. lol. I am excited because apparently it landed on Etsy's front page yesterday! Woot! So I made this thinking about my anniversary but I made a bit of a mistake. I'd been practicing stamping for so long that I kind of went into auto mode and stamped the wrong date for my anniversary. lol! My husband forgives me. :D

In other news my son caught a cold somewhere and passed it along for me. Yay! (sarcasm). I have been taking Target's brand of Zicam. The dissolvable one not the one that has been making people lose their sense of smell. It has been working pretty well at keeping my symptoms from getting worse but I don't know that I am actually getting better.

But because I feel about 95% I have of course not *really* slowed down as I should to knock it out completely. I can't stop moving! Tomorrow is young Master Bead's third birthday and his party is this weekend so of course for the past two weeks I've been working on preparations!

And I want to have all current orders mailed out by tomorrow so that I can focus on getting everything ready for the party. Including myself. :D

I'm taking young Master to the free movies today (Regal Free Family Festival) in the hopes that I can maybe fall asleep a little and gain some energy. Is that wrong? lol.


Jennifer said...

Ha! I love the necklace!! Good luck on feeling better. My little person caught a cold too, which is weird since it's just really getting hot.

Anyhow, I hope the birthday party goes well and nope, it's so not wrong to catch a little nap in the movies. My son talks through so much of movies I can hardly shut my eyes, lol!

becca.elpy said...

ooh, sorry you're sick. and you know i heart that necklace. may be a gift for my mom, she loves hearts. not sure what i'd have stamped on it.

your son's turning three!? my goodness, how quickly the time goes. happy birthday to him!

DollyLee said...

Delightful - as clever as I imagined!