Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas in July?

Hi peeps! What's new with you? What's new with me you ask?

On the home front, Young Master has been training me as to when to put him on the potty. lol. But in very encouraging news when he goes to children's church on Sunday, we advise him to tell the teachers when he has to go and he tells them!!! That is very exciting because mostly I need him to do that in the fall when he goes to preschool. :D

My parents are in town so we are going to see them today. Yay! I love my parents and think they are genuinely fun people who I enjoy spending time with. I wish everyone could have that sort of feeling about their parental units and I hope that Young Master will feel that way about me and his father.
This morning we made play dough pizza together so at least he thinks I'm fun right now. Here is a picture he took yesterday of some blocks. My budding photog!!! :D

On the store front, I've been a busy busy bee! I'd happily reached 100 items in the shop but then realized somehow I have duplicates so it's not quite right. lol. But I've been working and continue to work on new ideas so soon that 100 will be authentic! :D

In other news I've decided to take part in the site wide Etsy Christmas in July sale. I have a special section here with items that are not only discounted but will be shipped first class for free WORLDWIDE! That last part is not my usual thing but I said, what they hey. Check out the section here!

Last week on the day that I listed it, I was very happy to get my first initial pendant sale! The customer requested the letter M. Here is a picture of the M that I made:

Hope all is well with you!


Jennifer said...

Very pretty! Congrats on the sale and best wishes on the sale...that made me laugh a little! How funny that you have duplicates in your 100! I'm at 60 and working toward 100...sloooowly, but surely.

Your little one took a great pic :)

CarolynArtist said...

This is so sweet, and it's in the Gift Guides in Etsy, congrats my dear!!! :-)