Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Packaging Junkie - Rethinking the Business Card Tutorial

So I am a sucker for a pretty picture. Package something beautifully for me and I'll want to save the wrapping and I'll love you forever! In light of this I've been thinking of ways to snazz up my packaging further. I hit upon the idea of using a business card template but in a new way! This is a semi-tutorial. Check it out below:

How did you do this you say? I divided a business card into thirds and printed the same image over it! I also added my shop URL on the back! So I got three times as many uses out of one business card. Woot! See the pictures below. I used Zazzle to make these. The only thing I think I'll do differently next time is to get a bit thicker card stock. I was designing this up against a free shipping deadline and was in a hurry and missed that option. lol.
I also made some cute "To: From:" hang tag/note cards. I'm thinking ahead for the holiday season and also, occasionally I have someone ask me to include a note for a present. To make the hang tag simply divide the business card in two! I'm showing two hang tags in the picture as it is printed on the front and back. :D

I hope someone finds this useful!


susie said...

Such a clever and beautiful packaging idea.

Connie said...

Cute. I use to do that when I first started selling but now that I have gift boxes it seems like a waste of paper. If you make a tent card you can stand them up on your table for shows :) You should get a printer even a $80 one will do the trick it's probably cheaper than using zazzle.

Jenn said...

I do like it! I've been working on refining the details of my packaging and I think I'm getting very, very close. I've had really good feedback from people that have received my packages. I'm still defining my "brand" (logos, objects, familiar things that remind people of me), but making my packaging re-usable, too. (I created pillow-boxes and attach cards. The boxes are "generic" enough to be re-used as a gift box on another occasion.

I like these ideas, too! I'm a perfectionist about the entire packaging concept and I'm still uncomfortable...like, I still need refining to get to that ideal "state of the packaging" ... some things are just niggling in my head and these ideas you shared are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

miznyc said...

Hi Connie! - you're probably right about the printer though I have to say I really like having one less thing to do myself. lol.

Hi Jenn! - I love reusable packaging! Most of my pieces go out in these awesome little tins. I use the tins in my own house for so many different things! Good luck as you go forth and perfect your packaging! I'd love to see what you come up with!

*daisy said...

lovely! great ideas!! : D

KayzKreationz said...

Both of these are such great ideas and so cute. Thanks so much for the idea and posting.