Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm back. Pow!

Hi everybody! *waves frantically!*

I'm back and feeling pretty darn good! I've spent the last couple of days playing with my camera and I no longer feel totally intimidated by it. And I LOVE IT!!!! I took some shots today of Young Master Beads and while I loved my little Canon Powershot there is not a chance in heck it matches up to this camera (Canon Rebel XSi). Pow!

I'm really into saying "Pow!" right now. I picked it up from one of celebrity gossip blogs and can't stop. Don't go trying to find what celeb blogs I follow. lol. I am a bit ashamed that I like to read about these other people's lives.

So I have a new piece to reveal tomorrow! Mostly I am excited that I took halfway decent shots of it with the new camera. :D Yay! Look for a pic tomorrow sometime or visit the shop and look under the "new this week" tab tomorrow. It will be there!



2ndComing said...

I'm off to google celebrities, blogs, and pow :-P

miznyc said...

lol. stop trying to out me.