Saturday, September 12, 2009

A little reflection and new beginnings

I was so wrapped up in Young Master Beads having his first official day of preschool today (I'm writing this at midnight EST. It's still yesterday's today on the west coast!) that I literally forgot it was TODAY. You know, today.

That is until I called my parent's house to talk to my mom about the big first day and my dad answered the phone. I was excited to tell him how the day went (starting with inconsolable tears all morning in anticipation of being dropped off and ended with happy smiles and waves upon being picked up and being told "it was great!") but surprised he was home. He said, "I usually take today off." Then it hit me. It's September 11th.

I'm not going to go into all the details from 8 years ago, but I was on my way into Manhattan when it happened, my dad was on his way to work at The World Trade Center, my older sister and boyfriend (now husband) were in DC and I had friends in Pittsburgh. They are all still here but if you are from NY I find it hard to believe that if you were not directly affected, you don't know of people who lost people. I do.

I am so grateful that my dad made it out that day though I didn't find out until waaaay later in the day and I was stuck in Manhattan. But talking to him about it today made me think about all those parents who did not get to see their children make it to the first day of school over these last eight years. It made me reflect on all that was lost to so many as well as all that was instantly cherished by the nation.

So as I reflect on Young Master not wanting to leave my side this morning and my knowing that he needed to, I also understand that hugging him a little tighter each day won't hurt. Then I kick his butt out the car to his new beginnings!

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