Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The rundown.

Hi people! Haven't been doing as much creating as I would like so I've got to get back in the lab! But this is just a little rundown on what I've been up to.

*I have been working on my photography skills (hence the first picture of this post. Isn't it awesome?!?!) lately. The items you see here are not for sale as they've already been sold! This was a custom order that I did. Don't you just love how that one bird has an eye?!?! I've got a couple more like that in the stash too. :)

*I've done two custom orders in the last week which I am happy about. :) Those can be really fun. One was the items above, the other was a remake of the Mind/Heart Pendant. I have one more to do that I know of. It is another For The Bird Series set very much like the one above. The thing with the birds is that it is very difficult to find two, let alone three that match so it is kind of a crazy but fun challenge. :)

What else have I been up to... Oh! I submitted a pic of the Holly Holiday Tree to the Moo Holiday Card Competition. I've also joined Flickr to get myself out and about some more. Lots of links in this post. Lol.

I've sent a few tree pendants off to a consignment shop that has a physical store as well as a web presence. I'll post those pics up later. The shop owner said that she put them out in the store yesterday and they are already getting compliments. Woohoo! I'm excited about this new opportunity!

I have a new design that I'm working out in my head. Can't wait to get it down in wire. Also going to be organic baby!

I'm going to start tackling earrings in a more serious fashion.

But today, I'm going to make myself a ring. Because I haven't made anything for myself in a really long time. A long time being...a week. lol. I'll DEFINITELY post that up (if it goes well. lol.)


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