Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Without further ado...The Still Life Series!

So I finally am pleased enough with my new works to post them. Welcome to the Still Life Series! Otherwise known as the basket necklaces. :) I created these gorgeous little baskets (I LOVE them. I'm sorry. If I can't boast on my blog, where can I?) using sterling silver wire wrapping and antiquing.

I envision so many possibilities for these!!! I've only listed one so far. That would be the Flowering Bloom Basket Necklace in the second picture. It's also available in a bright finish.

Thanks for your patience! Hope you like them as much as I do!

Dang! This is some kind of record. I just listed it like two hours ago and it already sold! Woot!
Don't worry. I put another one up in the shop. This is design is one of my signature pieces.


Artlife said...

these are great~~! :)

dollylee said...

I love it! I am soooo sorry I missed it!!!