Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Watched Pot...

Caged Bird in brown and green

Mossy Tree

Bursting Blooms in blue

Bursting Blooms in wine

...never boils. So sorry I've gone so long without an update! I hope that I find you all well. In my shop I am one tiny sale away from 50. Woohoo! I was hoping that after being featured twice in a week, that publicity might send me over the edge. No such luck. In fact, this is the longest period of time I've had between sales. I know you're saying, Nina, boo hoo. Get over it. ;P Anyhow so I'm just sitting on 49 twiddling my thumbs. I know the watched pot never boils. So I just have to forget about it and be very busy living life and creating and then it'll happen. So hard to not check every two seconds though. lol.

Above are the newest items in the shop!
What else? I'm working on a few designs in my head hoping to get them in production by February. That is my absolute favorite part of the creative process - the problem solving aspect. How do I translate what is in my head to the materials. It can be fun, exciting, frustrating but pretty much always is oh so rewarding.

Alright good people. Off to be creative!

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