Thursday, February 28, 2008

Front page! Woot!

Well I was minding my own business yesterday and decided to check the treasuries. I found out I was in one or two. Woohoo! Well then half hour later, this one hits the front page! Woot! And I actually saw it on there! Double Woot! So exciting! The All My Eggs Basket was featured and it sold during the time it was up. So did one of my other pieces - my sweet little Cafe au Lait bird and I got a custom inquiry as well! It is beyond cool to see yourself up there! I don't think you can buy that type of publicity! Thanks so much for putting me in your treasury soleilgirl. Her shop is so cute!


Field Notes said...

Again?! Dang woman, now I am getting seriously jealous. You and my husband both get all the front page exposure! I just live vicariously ;=)

You rock!!! Congratulations :D

miznyc said...

thanks field notes! Maybe I'll do a gingko treasury next time I get one (though I've only done it like twice) and include those uber cool note cards!

Amy said...

There's nothing like the Front Page, is there? I love putting together treasuries, and your work was too beautiful to pass up! :) Thank you for mentioning my shop in your blog! I hope to visit your store again soon, and purchase a little something for myself!! All the best, Amy (soleilgirl)