Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm a Warrior - Day 17

So I've been eyeing these gorgeous onyx beads at the bead store for some time now. They were a little pricey but I have yet to see this fantastic design anywhere else so finally I just had to have them. They look like shields to me so they are definitely made for a warrior. To find out more information on them please visit my Etsy shop. If you follow the title of each one below, you'll be taken directly to them in my shop. Readers of my blog who would like this set can receive 10% off the full set. Just contact me and I'll refund you the discount. Sorry-discount will not apply to purchases of one or the other.

Warrior Lariat Necklace

Warrior earrings


Shiny Black Shoes said...

those are beautiful!!!!

dolly said...

Can you show a picture of how it can be worn?

miznyc said...

dolly-you are correct! Will do this. I was so excited to post it up that I forgot to take pictures of it modeled. 'doh!