Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Picking!!! How to pick

Well today we went pumpkin picking. I have never picked a pumpkin in my life. It was cold and windy but it was fun! David had a blast going around trying to choose pumpkins. In the end we got this one:

Need help on what you need to go pumpkin picking? I know I did (I'm a city gal. I was all out of my element). My fellow Etsian, WinchesterLambourne, had some great information. Hope you can find it useful! Here it is below:

WinchesterLambourne says:
- Select a pumpkin that is completely orange. (Green don't ripen in time or even at all after you pick them)

- Size is an important factor. Medium pumpkins are best for pumpkin carving. Small pumpkins are better for cooking.

- Do not lift or carry a pumpkin by it's stem. The pumpkin stem gives it character.

- A ripe pumpkin has a hard shell that does not dent or scratch easily when pressing on it with a thumbnail. Do this on the back or bottom of the fruit.......never on the face or you'll get mobbed by the seller LOL.

- Examine the entire pumpkin carefully for soft spots. If you find even one soft spot, go on to the next pumpkin.

- Check the pumpkin for cracks and splits. If you find one, examine it to be sure it is not turning into a soft spot or has mold inside of the crack.

- Look for bugs and insects. Specifically, look for holes in the pumpkin, which are indicative of insect problems.

And, finally equipment wise:

- Bring a small wagon with you. It's easier to haul tired kids and pumpkins.

- Wear boots or old sneakers. It could be wet and muddy in the pumpkin patch.

- Bring a sharp knife or pruner.

- Cut the vine on either side of the stem. After you get it home, you can trim off the remaining pieces of vine, and cut the stem at the perfect spot.

For more tips, some for real, some fun visit this thread:


Connie from Sweet Figments said...

looks like fun. i haven't gone pumpkin picking since i was a kid.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I still would've gone for the green one! It's very cool!