Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mmm...yummy big news

So my little sister is getting married in a month -almost a complete surprise! If I didn't tell you and you feel you should know, now you know (provided you read my blog of course)!

And my big sister is expecting! - still early days yet so if you know my sister and you're reading this don't go running your mouth.

So my mom basically said she can't handle anymore excitement so I have to keep things calm. I told her she need not worry. The biggest thing going on in life is my lip balm.

While it might not seem monumental, if you know me, you know I love lip balm. I think in my yearbook there is even something printed for all eternity that reflects my love of lip balm.

Anyway, I found the shop KreatedbyKarina a while back but did not take the lip balm plunge until recently. She is a bath and body seller on Etsy and she has some pretty awesome looking things. Like rose petal soap?!?!? I think I might need to get some for my mother in law for her bathroom. It is sooo her.

But back to my lip balm. I got two flavors - Peppermint Ice Cream and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake. They are absolutely yummy!!! They are made with shea butter and feel so nice going on.

So mom, that is my big news. I love lip balm and found some really great flavors. I wonder which one I should try next...perhaps New York Style Cheesecake...


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Why did I think you were an only child? Of course everyone is an only child with a NY accent in my head. Congrats on good news and lip balm. You're too funny...I like lip balm, I think my weakness is probably skin/scalp moisturizers-I have too many.

Anonymous said...

New york style cheesecake. Hmmmm - never use lipbalm much, but mebbe it's time to start (smile)

First time visitor here, I like your blog! Followed you over from my blond twitter pal's blog, The Daily blond. I'll be back.

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DollyLee said...

Wow - your sisters are really making moves. How exciting!!!