Thursday, January 22, 2009

More New Things!

So I've wanted to try some new techniques for a while now. One of these is riveting. Riveting is the process of connecting metal together without the need for heat. You can also use it in conjunction with heat. That's what I did. I tried it last month, thought I had a good thing going and then realized that my technique needed a bit of work. How did I come to this conclusion? I was getting all set to show off a ring I made to relatives on Christmas day and the bead fell off in my pocket. Talk about embarrassing. Nobody knew what happened but me so I saved face. lol.

So I tried it again two days ago and voila! I love this ring. I also have to say I lost this ring. That's right. My personal version is gone. boo. Technically my son lost it but since it was on my watch, I lost it because can you really blame a 2 year old for being 2?

So, I'll have to wait for it to pop up or make myself another one. Maybe I'll make myself another one when I make one for you! hint hint. It's in the shop and already well loved! It got 4 hearts in the first day I posted it! That's got to be a record for me or something.

In other news, I have been avoiding trying to bezel set a ring for the longest. I have all the necessary things to do so. I just haven't done it. Kind of like how I took forever to saw. Something is wrong with me. lol.

Anyway, I got this awesome large bead today and I simply must try this thing (bezel setting) sooner than later. Here is a shot of me with my new bead. Can you tell I'm happy?

I also managed to chip said bead so it is definitely not going to be for sale. All mine, mine, mine! I may take a better picture later so you can actually *see* the bead or I may wait until I've actually bezel set it in a ring to show it off. It's going to be a really big ring. I showed the bead to my neighbor who also is a bead enthusiast and she was soooo excited!!! It's nice to have someone in my building to share the excitement of a new bead with. :D I believe it's carved jade but I'm not sure. Frankly it could be a really cruddy plastic button for all I care. I love it! Until next time kidlets!

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