Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seriously flattered.

OK. So I had to share this because I am so extremely humbled and flattered. A long time ago I joined a team on Etsy known as EtsyCREST (Capital Region Etsy Street Team). I am a big joiner. I love the idea of working as a group. I am however not so good at keeping up once I've joined things. Terrible I know. I have in the past joined at least four different teams I think. One I'm sure dropped me. I dropped another because my style has been evolving and wasn't sure my work really would keep fitting in and I have two more that I am a member of but am not very active in. I told you I was a joiner! But enough about me (for the moment. You'll understand in a minute).

EtsyCREST is a team based on the area you live in. I have met a couple of sellers so far from the team and that was cool! Check out the awesome talent available by searching for the term
"etsycrest" on Etsy. If you live in the DC area take a chance and shop local! It'll be bound to reach you more quickly! ;D

Today I got a lovely message from a fellow CREST member,
Babus. She makes the cutest baby items! Well she wanted to let me know that she'd featured me in her treasury. I thought that was so nice and so I clicked on over. I was expecting one spot amongst 12 artisans. Imagine my surprise to find that the WHOLE THING featured my work. 12 pictures of Beads in the Belfry. You could've bowled me over! I am so humbled and flattered and I don't know what, that I had to run and post here. You work and do what you love and then you hope that someone, somewhere might feel the same and for someone to do's such a priceless moment. I may shed a tear or two here. Seriously.

So thanks so much Babus and EtsyCREST for your dual awesomeness!

You can see the treasury here until Monday.

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Tamara said...

That is so nice of Babus! I really like your Kalimba ring that was featured.