Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forgive me Blogger for I have sinned

It has been 3 weeks since my last post. So much has gone on! The run down:

I went to Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair. It was awesome. Met some great sellers and got reacquainted with some great sellers I'd met last year. Here is a little montage to those sellers I had a chance to speak with. They are all wonderful!

1. Abitabite - I had to give my friend from church heads up before we went into her stall. lol. Fun pin cushions!
2. HomeSweet - Fab home goods! I bought some fabric & loved these chairs they had recovered. Sweet couple!
3. BlockPartyPress - Cool lady! Had some awesome One of A Kind pieces for sale. Want to scoop one up later.
4. Figs & Ginger - Such a sweet gal withlovely pieces! She gave me some helpful advice on metalsmithing too!
5. TheHandofFatima - Fab lady. Fab pieces! I feel like I'm at home in when I speak with her. New York stand up!

I've been on a serious decorating kick and bought the coolest lamp....

...and recovered a couple of chairs with awesome fabric.

I went on my first preschool field trip. Farm. Pumpkins. And the potty training is going really well. Success!

Last but not least, I finally got back to making some new things and these are what I came up with and I'm actually selling them instead of hoarding them for myself! That's progress my friends.

The Duchess Ring
Fallen Leaves Ring
Now if I could only get the hang of this blogging thing...

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