Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't lose that bear!

So today Young Master Beads's school is having some sort of breakfast party where the kidlets get to help make breakfast. Save mama some pancakes! Anyhoo, they are supposed to bring a treasured stuffed animal or something with them.

For Young Master that means bringing Cappuccino or Cappy for short. Young Master is under the impression that this is actually *his* bear. Au contraire. Cappy is mine and has been mine for at least a good 15 years. My parents got him for me sometime when I was a teenager. I don't know why I wanted him so badly. I think I must've felt he looked rather smart in his rugby shirt or something. To say this bear means a lot to me is putting it mildly. To know that he is on extended loan to Young Master lets you know how much Young Master means to me.

You know he looks smart and preppy in his rugby shirt.
But don't be fooled. He kicks some serious ass. He's a rugby player after all.

However, losing Cappy at school would be a no no. So the school suggested we mark special stuffies with our child's name in the event that one got lost, he or she could find his way back home. Last evening I was poised with Sharpie marker in hand ready to ink Young Master's name on the bear's shirt collar. I couldn't do it on the shirt's tag or the bear's tag because they were dark. I paused for a LONG time. Why?

1. If I put "Young Master Beads" on there does that mean I'm relinquishing ownership? *gulp*

2. I don't want to ruin his shirt by putting a name on it *waaah!*

Mr. Beads saw me pausing in indecision and stricken with anxiety and he said "You're not going to WRITE ON CAPPY ARE YOU!?!?!" ---> I told you this bear is special.
I finally decided I just couldn't do it.

So I did what any crazy, bear-possessed, crafty mama would do. I applied my unique skill set and made a removable label for his shirt.
Aaaaaah. A near disaster averted.

First name smudged to protect the innocent.
Besides, I kind of like you all thinking of him as Young Master Beads. ;D


Connie said...

haha cute. i have a teddy bear from my first christmas. :)

DollyLee said...

You are hilarious!!!! I have to say I am always absolutely thrilled to read your posts. They are so thoughtful and funny and refreshing.