Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cuff links galore

So I've been doing cuff links for a while now and I'm really enjoying the different ways people have had me personalize them. All of these below hold certain meaning for me as well. Here is a little review of sorts of some of the different things I've done. I love how creative people get with these...

1. I realize I never actually put a pic up on the blog of the original pair (top left) that I did for a friend that started the whole craze!

2. I was uncertain (and nervous) with how the first monogrammed pair would look but I was so in love with them when I was done! Fortunately the customer was too.

3. I love how there are secret messages that I have no clue about (like the K+C squared pair) but must mean so much to the recipient.

4. I enjoyed doing the Bible scripture because it had me so curious that I had to go look it up. You can feel free to do the same. ;P This is a scrap one that I had. I don't have a picture of the final pair that went out.

5. And who can resist an army of cuff links? This was the first ever wedding party that I did. I was super nervous about doing so many at once but it was DEFINITELY great practice and totally improved my technique.

I wish that I'd been a little bit better at documenting all the styles I've done but it is what it is. I did these really cool "XOXO" ones for someone for Valentine's Day that I just *knew* I took a photo of, but alas no. I may do another pair just for fun for the hubby. And then I'll get him a French cuff shirt to go with them. ;D

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Deidra said...

These are very cool! My husband and son are both cuff link guys.