Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Local artisan mauled by a pack of Girl Scouts"

This is the headline running through my mind right now for my afternoon tomorrow. That's right. And it's not because I took all their yummy girl scout cookies without paying. Beads in the Belfry is going to be doing a jewelry workshop for a local Girl Scouts troop. Wish me luck! It is to help them get a merit badge. Which one I can't remember. Probably something along the lines of arts and crafts.

I was a Girl Scout and one of my fondest memories is learning how to make friendship bracelets. Don't you know that as soon as I did, I begged my mom to get me a kit and then I went on to sell some of my creations to classmates? lol. And so it comes full circle. :D

I'm surprisingly not nervous about the teaching aspect as I have worked with large groups of children before in a teaching capacity. I'm also not nervous about the project which I have done hundreds of times. I'm going to do a workshop on how to make my tree necklaces with them. It will be slightly modified to make it easier (I hope!) for smaller people. What I'm nervous about is the fact that I'm not actually nervous. Which makes me slightly crazy I think.

Anyway, wish me luck! And not the kind that involves something like this...

;P. Why couldn't the headline in my head read "Girl Scouts shower local artisan with praise in the form of Samoas?"

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