Monday, April 12, 2010


Sorry you guys for being gone so long. I forget that some of you actually READ my blog. Shout out to Cape Town and Pittsburgh!!!! I have been feeling totally unmotivated recently. I closed the shop last week for some r&r and with the hopes that I would take the time to work on some new pieces that are in my head.

But no such thing has occurred. I'm a little disgusted with myself to be honest. Maybe I'll keep it closed this week and really get to work.

Though I am not feeling inspired, perhaps these pictures I took down in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival, might inspire some of you!


*EDITED FOR UPDATE* I forgot that I did end up making another pair of "XOXO" cuff links (referencing past post here) that I forgot to show you guys. I used a different texture for the raised edge that I'm really happy about. If you click the photo, you can see it in the shop even though the shop is closed.

Oh and I also made a pair of rose gold studs that I haven't photographed yet, and I have sort of been working on a pet project involving metal, so maybe I should cut myself a little slack. *smooches*


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I can dig it...I haven't made or listed any new designs, but I've been creative in other areas: cooking, refurbs, and I've even gotten a bit more fashionable. I figure the rest will come together when it's time. Don't beat yourself up too much. BTW the flower pics are fab.

miznyc said...

Thanks T!