Thursday, July 22, 2010


So when Young Master was about 3 months old I bought this great book (for 50 cents!) at a library book sale called "Nurture by Nature." Basically it is a personality type assessment (utilizing Myers-Briggs) book that deals with children and puts forth the premise that one-size parenting does not fit all because all children are different. Too true as my sisters and I are not carbon copies of one another by any stretch and what worked for one, invariably did not work for another.

Anyway, the book is to help you figure out what personality best describes your child or children and offers some insight into how their minds work and how to best work with them. It also gives insight into your personality and how it affects your interactions with your child. Young Master has not really been old enough to assess on all points of the scale until this year and even then it's a bit of guesswork. But first let's talk about my personality and then relate it to his.

The books say that I am an ESFP. One aspect of that personality type that I OWN is that ESFPs love spontaneity and being impulsive. I don't like being tied down to a schedule and I start to feel caged in with too many appointments and dates on my calendar. Even if it's mostly fun things on the calendar! I got married at the justice of the peace in part because the thought of having to plan a wedding gave me anxiety attacks.

Turns out the boy is an ESTJ ie. he loves structure and a well laid out plan. Oops! As you can imagine, this can be a problem. He wakes up in the morning wanting to know the plan for the day and I really try to have one all laid out
(OK. I don't really try to. It just so happens sometimes I have a plan). It's much easier for me during the school year because half the day is planned out anyway. If there is no plan laid out, he will try to make one. lol.

Well, I love my son more than I love spontaneity so I'm trying to work it out. The book suggested something he might enjoy as an ESTJ is cooking. I'd noticed in the past when we cooked, he'd enjoyed it but the book took it to another level. It was saying that ESTJ children enjoy it because when you have a recipe, you are following a plan and introducing structure! Well that I can get on board with no problem in the cooking realm.

Why is that you ask? A little history for you. My mom never taught us to cook because she didn't want us to end up being in her words "some man's cook!" I appreciate her sentiment but it didn't really hold me in good stead in college when I couldn't even make ramen noodles.
All my life I grew up with the mentality of not being "some man's cook" so like any logical person would do, I made it one of my goals in life as a youngster to marry a chef so I'd never have to cook. That didn't quite work out. lol. So one of my goals now is to make sure my son knows how to cook so he won't be dependent on "some woman to do it for him!" <--- my words that he can quote when he's grown.

The other day I was at TJ Maxx and found the cutest little cooking set with kid-sized utensils, a small apron and a small laminated recipe book (to account for spills!). It's from the Playful Chef ( So you know it was on! So far from the cookbook we've made:

Honey Yogurt Dip
Fruit Smoothies
Sugar Cookies

We've yet to tackle the chicken nuggets or pita pizza but
I've planned ahead and already purchased the ingredients for the nuggets. Pow! We've also made some other recipes not in the book.

The great thing about this is we are enjoying one another's company and have something to show for it at the end. Also, he is getting to work within his personality's comfort zone and I'm working to better accommodate my child and therefore growing. All in all I'd say that's delicious!

Young Master helping me with dinner. He's not mad, he's concentrating!:


DollyLee said...

I love this! It sounds absolutely delightful. I really think young master beads is brilliant and he has the perfect mother to bring it out in him :-)

miznyc said...

aww thanks DollyLee! Next time we're in town we'll have to bring you some of our homemade goodies!


I laughed so hard when you said you couldn't cook Ramen noodles. but you have crazy skill as as jewellry designer. Your stuff is off the chain, no pun of course.

My son is six and he loves to cook as well, may be he'll be a chef.

Lisa xx

Hey I'm following now, yippeee.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, he's cute in that apron with that concentrating face!!

I looked up my son's MBTI to see how I can best work with his personality. I call him "my creative director" because he has so many ideas and loooves to delegate the art work to mommy, then he plays with all the the paper items I've made, or the stuff I've knitted for his toys. I think his type is ENTP, I am INTP, but what a difference does one letter make!!