Friday, February 8, 2008

Design A Day - Day 9

So as I said earlier, today fared far better than yesterday in terms of creativity. I call this piece Flower Vase in the Window. Um...I love it! It's available for purchase in my Etsy shop, Beads In The Belfry. Wow. That bad boy sold in one day. Woot! I've relisted it here

I've created a wire window and the vase and flowers sit on the sill!

Vibrant. Fresh. Simple.


chelsea said...

What an original idea! I love it when wire-wrappers bust out of the box and do something fresh and unique. Love this piece, you should do more!

Thanks for stoppin by my blog!



Emmett Jones said...

Dag Mrs. Jackson...I come to the site, and see something I like, and it sells out in a day. How much was this piece? and is it possible to make another one? I think I might be interested in getting one.


miznyc said...

Thanks Chelsea!
I really appreciate that comment. I definitely do try to add a new spin to wire wrap.

Hi Trey! I just sent you an email. Actually, two. Read them both. :D